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Firefighters Pension

You've dedicated your life to serving your community, now let us serve you. You deserve the best retirement possible. Learn how to maximize your pension and strategies for your retirement accounts.

There's a Better Option

There's a Better Option

Learn what firefighters are not being told about their pension and survivors benefits when they retire. Schedule today so we can share how we might help you.



Blackwood Financial Group helped implement a strategy that will help protect the spouses of firefighters in the event of their spouse leaving this world prematurely. The strategy will also work to allow them take a survivor's benefit option which could help save them hundreds of dollars every month for the duration of retirement.

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Battling health challenges doesn't disqualify first responders from choosing a survivor's benefit option that allows them to maximize their monthly income. Putting Blackwood Financial Group's plan in place, firefighters may worry less about losing income if something happened to their spouse's pension.

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