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Ben D. Boyd

Ben D. Boyd

Financial Advisor

"How do you plan for an unknown, uncertain future?" In 2008, when I was graduating from pharmacy school, I had no intention of ever doing anything but pharmacy and no inkling that I would ever want to leave the profession. A year after graduating, I became a client of Blackwood's, and we went to work on creating the financial plan for our family moving forward. We didn't know fifteen years ago that we would need to be prepared for a career transition, but when I decided to pursue this completely new career path, we were ready to pivot. And so, I've experienced firsthand Blackwood's ability to help clients plan for the long-term while creating flexible strategies that accommodate major life changes along the way. 

I love the complexity that comes with the financial strategy work we do. The creativity we use to handle all the moving pieces and variations that develop with each new case makes every day fascinating. But what drew me to this work is the impact we can make on people's lives beyond the balance sheet. Many, if not all, of life's paths and decisions, are affected by our financial situation, and I want to share with everyone the strategies that helped my family and me create the possibility of pursuing a career I'm passionate about.

Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian. AR Insurance License #20063230