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Richard C. McCool, MPH CFP® ChFC® CLU® AEP® CExP™ CLTC® RICP®

Wealth Management Advisor/Strategist/Co-Founder/Partner

I've been practicing in the financial services profession for many years with ever-increasing respect for the value we can bring to our clients’ lives. We often assist our clients in creating real wealth, a level of safety, and peace of ...

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Bessann H. Watson, CFP® ChFC® CLU® AEP® CLTC® CExP™ RICP®

Wealth Management Advisor/Strategist/Co-Founder/Partner

Being a wealth management advisor and strategist for the past 18 years has been an absolute joy. I was initially drawn to the profession because I loved the idea of creating a future for my clients, a path to success. My experience in...

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Jake L. Newcomb, CFP® CPA

Wealth Management Advisor/Strategist

Jake L. Newcomb came on board in 2020 with a strong accounting background determined to expand on his continued mission of helping individuals navigate the exciting and, often confusing, world of personal financial strategies. Building...

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Jake R. Armstrong

Financial Representative

I have a real passion for helping people plan for their future. The chance to make a positive impact on others' lives is what keeps me motivated. I believe that everyone's goals and dreams can be achieved without compromising their plans...

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Ben D. Boyd

Financial Advisor

"How do you plan for an unknown, uncertain future?" In 2008, when I was graduating from pharmacy school, I had no intention of ever doing anything but pharmacy and no inkling that I would ever want to leave the profession. A year after...

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Julie M. Harrington

Since joining Blackwood in 2008, I've been dedicated to serving our clients with enthusiasm and a smile. What I truly enjoy is helping clients navigate their financial matters and being a supportive presence during their greatest times of..

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Erica B. Murphey

I have the pleasure of managing the client services desk and offering support for existing client accounts. I've been part of the company for 10 years now, following a 10-year stint working for a CPA. The aspect of my job that I find most..

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Hannah P. Newcomb

I joined the Blackwood team in 2019 and act as an assistant to Ben Boyd and Jake Newcomb. I assist clients in opening new investment accounts and ensure the process is smooth and easy. Clients appreciate the helpful information and...

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Kayci E. Tipton

Connecting with people and making a difference in their lives has always been a driving force for me. In my role handling advanced cases and overseeing the new business desk, I draw on my five years of experience in the industry... 

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Kortney B. Webb

It's truly rewarding to be immersed in the process of helping clients achieve their financial goals, and I'm fortunate to be able to do that in my role at Blackwood. I handle various responsibilities, such as scheduling meetings...

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Lena Brewer

Maintaining strong advisor/client relationships is a key focus in my role as an Assistant at Blackwood. I handle tasks such as scheduling, formatting meeting notes, and managing future meeting objectives while also updating client...

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Amy L. Boyd

A long-time client, I joined the Blackwood team in 2023 and assist Ben Boyd and Jake Newcomb in the New Business Investment Accounts Desk. I enjoy helping clients put into action the plans and strategies needed to secure their...
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Talor Freeman

Joining the Blackwood Financial team in early 2024, I have had the opportunity to connect with clients in my role as an Assistant to Richard McCool and Bessann Watson. I have the privilege in sharing educational content and keeping...
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